Friday, June 24, 2016

What the BREXIT vote means for investors

As you may have heard, following Thursdays referendum, the people of Britain have voted to exit the European Union (EU). Given the unexpected nature of the vote, coupled with the uncertainty of the situation, this will most certainly cause some volatility in the Global Markets.  It is important to note that prior to Thursdays vote, the majority of experts felt that the chances of this separation happening were slim to none, leaving many unsure of whats to come. While we cannot predict the future, there is one thing to remember during times of uncertainty. That is, that markets tend to over-react, which tends to cause a dislocation between stock prices and their actual value.  This is when it really pays to have great ACTIVE MANAGEMENT, who can take advantage of these situations. 

As your financial advisors, we want to ensure you that, just as with any other significant event around the world, this is definitely not a time to panic. 
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