Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wow, what an exciting day!

I would have never guessed to have said that about life insurance, but I just did.

20 years ago my mother, Lise Andreana, basically forced me to buy a life insurance policy because it would be good for my future.  All I remember is asking myself, how am I going to afford this when I can’t even buy food? Why does someone at my age need life insurance?  Maybe she is just trying to reach a sales goal and using her kids to get her there? (Just kidding about that last one)

In my early twenties, $50 a month was, to me, a whole lot of money that I could have been spending on the necessities of life.  But I was a good girl and did what my mother asked me to do (well, in this case, lol).  As the years went by, the payments became easier and easier to make especially since it was on automatic banking.  Then about 10 years ago, it occurred to me that my premiums would be 0.9% less if I paid annually instead of monthly, so I then made that change to save some money, and again the premiums became easier to afford each year.

Fast forward to today… I received my annual policy statement and guess what it says?

I now have over $71K in death benefit and over $13K in cash values that are just going to keep on growing.  The best part of all? The single line that reads; PREMIUM: Your policy is now paid-up. There are no more premiums payable.  This is the exciting part!  The 20 pay policy my mother sold me when I was in university is now paid off in full, but I have coverage for life that will continue to grow!

So now, I sit here thinking to myself what will I do with my “new found” money?  I can tell you that purchasing another whole life insurance policy has surely crossed my mind.

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