Monday, September 26, 2016

Life insurance

Whole life, or permanent, life insurance is more than just added security, it is a valuable tool that's well worth the cost. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting permanent life insurance.

Coverage Is For Life 
  • Coverage does not expire, as long as you pay your premiums
Level Premiums
  • Your premiums stay the same for the life of the policy. There are also limited pay options where the policy is fully paid up in 15 or 20 years.
Tax Shelter
  • Investment growth inside the policy is sheltered from tax and can transfer to beneficiaries tax-free upon your death
Earn Dividends
  • Provide incredibly steady rates of return with low volatility.
Access To Equity/cash values
  • Cash values accumulate over time and can be utilized through withdrawals, policy loans or leveraging. People who max out their RRSPs and need another place to grow tax sheltered money should look here!
Eliminates debt at an important time. 
  • If you have debt, do your loved ones a huge favour and provide them with greater financial security by paying off your debt with life insurance proceeds when you’re gone.
Enhance And Equalize Your Estate
  • Leave a legacy without liquidating investments or use it as a tool to provide cash to the heir that didn't get the cottage for example.
Continuity Of Your Business
  • Provide a cash infusion to help provide your business and business partners the chance to grow and thrive in your absence. 
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