Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Maximize your TFSA

Maximize your TFSA

Studies show that only one in five Canadians have maximized their TFSA contributions.

Do you know how much contribution room you have in your TFSA?

  • To see a detailed breakdown of your specific contributions and withdrawals, go to www.canada.ca and log into your registered MyCRA account, or you can call them at 1-800-959-1956
  • You are eligible to open a TFSA the year you turn 18
A TFSA allows you to grow your savings tax-free throughout your lifetime.  A TFSA is also an excellent choice if you have contribution room available and you have any non-registered savings where you currently receive a T5 tax slip.  In this case, we suggest you consider moving any non-registered funds into a TFSA each year, up to your contribution limit (if possible), to avoid paying tax on the money in your open account(s).

We are ready to help guide you towards making the best possible financial choices for your lifestyle. Book an appointment today, and together we can plan how to use your TFSA to your benefit.
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