Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that November is Financial Literacy Month?

Financial literacy is important. As financial advisors we help to provide the knowledge needed to appreciate money management and to make it clear and simple to navigate. Here are just a few things to consider on your way to financial well-being.

It's not magic - it is planning. Everyone needs a good financial plan and a qualified planner.

Start Planning
- Be prepared, financial planning is for everyone, the more aware your are the better. Get help from a CFP professional
- Understand the power of saving could have a huge impact on your life
- Consider using advisor provided tools to help learn how to make budgets and how to manage any debt effectively and efficiently. Our Budget Worksheet and many other tools are available to help
- Create goals and focus on your financial strategy
Prepare for life's up's and down's
- Canadians are living longer, it is important to have a grasp on your plans for retirement and take steps to make sure your money lasts

Reduce Stress
- Personal finance can be a major stress for many Canadians, having an understanding of financial concepts could help to reduce anxiety and improve your overall well-being
- Know your financial rights and responsibilities
- Pass your financial knowledge onto your children, build their financial confidence
- It is not all about budgeting. It's about finding out what is important to you and your family

Understanding the basics about money is a critical skill, we encourage you to ask questions and get involved. Are you ready to get started, contact us today.
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