Wednesday, March 28, 2018

FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) Program + Designation

FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) Program + Designation 

Always focused on providing more to our clients, now and in the future, Peter Andreana is working towards adding to his list of designations by completing the FEA program. 

Achieving this designation represents the pinnacle of professional expertise in the field of family enterprise advising. With Peter’s new technical skills, he will be able to provide a more sophisticated level of understanding to business families and their unique challenges, while taking into consideration a broader spectrum of family enterprise-specific issues.

How will it further benefit you and your business? Peter has the ability to help you with… 
  • Business Family Dynamics and leadership transitions (How to help ensure the “kids” are ready to take over and the family still gets along) 
  •  Family Enterprise Strategy including transgenerational wealth (Do the “kids” know how to manage the wealth they will inherit) 
  • Business Boards and Family Councils (facilitating successful decision making and educate the next generation on wise decision making) 
  • Multi-disciplinary Advising (Bridging the gap between the lawyers, accountants and tax advisors) 
  • Continuity Planning (Exploring both the technical and human side of the succession process) 

Skills needed to achieve the FEA designation: 
  • In-depth experience across multiple disciplines 
  • High emotional intelligence – able to handle the complexity of inter-family relationships 
  • Offer resourceful insights that can significantly improve the growth of your business while bringing harmony to your family 

An advisor with the FEA designation exemplifies the trust, understanding and skills required by business families. Once attained, you can be sure that Peter has grown his skill set in family business advising to deliver better solutions to you and your business.

Grow your knowledge and grow your business. Contact Peter Andreana today for more on how he can help advise you.

Peter Andreana CFP, EPC, FMA, CSWP ™, B.A., Econ
Business Owner Specialist

“Families are complicated. Successful businesses have complex technical requirements. Multi-jurisdictional, multi-generational, enterprising families need help structuring their unique process for continuity. The FEA Program focus helps inter-disciplinary professionals to combine their expertise and deliver successful integrated decision making within the family, the business, and the ownership circles. The FEA Program is an excellent educational segment to round out technical expertise and provide a diverse lens that is necessary in solving our clients’ complex continuity plans.”
Susan St. Amand, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., TEP, FEA, ICD.D

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